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Open to creative minds, consulting enthusiasts and challenge seekers

Cultivate your acquired skills while building your talent at PMP Strategy. Curious minds, ready to work closely with our customers in teams on a human scale, will find their place and join our quest for excellence.
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As a PMP Strategy consultant, creativity and open-mindedness are essential. That’s why we encourage our employees to explore new perspectives and develop their critical thinking skills, both inside and outside the workplace. Above all, we value autonomy, empathy and listening skills.
Put your expertise to work today and choose one of the sectors in which we specialize: telecoms, media, tech, transport, mobility, energy, decarbonizationof industry, financial services, banking and insurance.
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Changing the world,
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At PMP, we firmly believe in the impact that each individual can have on a large scale. That’s why the small size of our teams enables us to work at the heart of each project and establish a unique proximity with our customers, in all our offices around the world.
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The PMP experience

PMP ensures that each employee finds his or her place within a progressive and collaborative environment. We organize regular internal meetings to enable everyone to open up and move forward.
We ensure that our consultants never stop cultivating their potential through regular seminars and meetings between our international hubs to reflect together on the latest developments in their sector.
Our offices are located right in the heart of each city, where dynamism and excitement abound. What’s more, the majority of our spaces are open-plan, and we offer several areas dedicated to creativity. The cafeteria area is designed to facilitate socializing and sharing.

Growing at PMP

At each promotion, our employees receive training in the fundamentals of their new role, so that they can assume the responsibilities entrusted to them and meet the expectations set.
In addition to these training courses, the consultant receives ongoing training several times a year in a range of tools and concepts to broaden his or her skills as much as possible. These training courses cover a wide range of issues, from office automation to methodology and behavior, with the aim of being expanded by anyone wishing to contribute to our catalog.
Each year, PMP also organizes Les rencontres de l’innovation managériale, a series of conferences aimed at senior managers, to address the issue of innovation in the face of changes in our society and our companies.

Jobs at PMP

Junior consultant (0-1 year experience)

As a graduate of a leading business or engineering school, you’d like to make the most of your diploma as part of an ambitious professional project. You’ll use your analytical rigor, creativity and communication skills to learn the fundamentals of consulting on a variety of projects, as part of an experienced team committed to your integration and learning.

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Senior consultant (2-4 years' experience)

Two to four years’ professional experience, ideally in consulting or in one of our business sectors, have enabled you to develop your ability to analyze and summarize. You are a self-starter with a sense of initiative. You want to get involved in high-stakes, high-structure change projects, in direct contact with customers.

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Manager (5-8 years' experience)

You have solid professional experience in consulting or strong expertise in our business sectors. You know how to manage teams, providing them with both methodology and expertise. You want to invest in business development. You know how to work with decision-makers on strategic issues.
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