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Changing the world, one tip at a time

A career at PMP means being part of a larger movement with far-reaching repercussions.
See how we transform the world around us.

Why work at PMP ?

For PMP, being at the cutting edge of technology means strengthening our ability to change the world, in particular through innovative and proven methods. By embracing current innovations and best practices, we are able to optimize our internal processes and accelerate the development of our services. This transformation also enables us to serve our customers more efficiently, reduce our costs and free up valuable resources to invest in initiatives that have a positive impact on society.

International opportunities

At PMP, we combine our expertise to better serve our customers. Looking for international experience? Carry out an assignment in one of our ten offices around the world. As our firm expands, the opportunities are endless.

A growing company

PMP Strategy is expanding rapidly. With double-digit growth over the past ten years, there are plenty of opportunities to participate in the creation of a new consulting model. A model where operational results are the rule, going beyond presentations and action plans to ensure this transformation.

Growing up with the world

If you share our values, you’ll work in an atmosphere of caring, curiosity and respect. In this atmosphere, we’ll inspire you and help you go beyond your limits. You’ll meet strong, diverse and fascinating personalities. PMP Strategy is the adventure of guaranteeing a “positive impact” for our customers and ourselves.


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